IV OCT system


First 3D IV OCT system in China

The thinnest OCT imaging catheter in the world with a diameter of 0.86mm

Incomparable clinical significance

Compared with coronary angiogram and IVUS, it has incomparable effects in evaluation of interventional treatment efficacy, such as if there is stent malapposition, if the stent expanded totally, if the stent strut equally distributed and if there any tissue avulsion or tissue loss.


Connect the catheter and the OCT scanner. Included a slip ring which is compatible with swept laser with wavelength of 1310nm. It is automatic loading and has controllable rotating speed.


It includes precision lenses and prisms with a diameter less than 0.5mm, and fiber optic rotary joints with the speed of 100 RPS. It uses medical grade materials that meet the FDA and SFDA requirements.